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MadTek’s WordPress Security Plugin

Effective website security requires a combination of tools and best practices to operate WordPress safely on today’s internet. MadTek’s Entrusanstm IDS security plugin now adds tamper-resistance to your security tool set.

Sophisticated hackers scan WordPress websites 24X7 looking for vulnerabilities and they know how to delete or disable website security plugins to avoid detection. Whether a breach is due to a Zero-Day attack or a known vulnerability, once hackers gain access to your website, they own it.

Tamper-resistance is essential to expose hackers who disable your website’s security plugins. Until you remove all malicious code and remediate all malicious file deletions or changes your website remains compromised.

MadTek developed the Entrusans IDS plugin to help WordPress website owners restore their websites quickly after a breach. Remediating a hacked website is a complex and costly forensic project. The Entrusans system gives you the tamper-resistant file change history you need to quickly identify deleted, added and changed files. MadTek encrypts and stores your file-change data on remote servers denying hackers the ability to go undetected.

If you have a mission-critical website, and especially if you have an eCommerce website, you need to know ASAP if a hacker penetrates your website.