Entrusans™ IDS Daily Operations

The Entrusans™ Intrusion Detection Service (IDS) currently executes one scan per day.  The exact time will vary depending on the execution times of subscriber websites.  The Entrusans IDS server contacts the Entrusans IDS client installed on the subscriber website to scan the metadata for all files on the website and return the data to the Entrusans IDS server.  The Entrusans IDS server then compares the metadata returned against the most recent metadata from the previous scan.

Any changes found are reported in an email report to the subscriber email address on record.  That’s it for daily operation. If a change report is received in email the files that have changed must  be examined to determine if changes are due to normal authorized change activity or an indicator that the website has been compromised.  For more details on how the Entrusans IDS is used to detect intruders see the How to Use the Entrusans Change Activity Report. page.