Our Company

MadTek began as a specialized open source hosting company providing managed hosting services for the PHP based content management systems Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. As a hosting services company providing services to PHP based website owners MadTek found itself on the front lines dealing with cyber attacks detecting, responding to and remediating website compromises. MadTek’s hosting experience led MadTek to develop the EntrusansTM IDS service for website owners. The Entrusans system provides early detection along with valuable forensic information needed to quickly remediate websites after a compromise.

MadTek developed the Entrusans IDS to provide a security service that first and foremost makes it difficult for hackers to disable (tamper with) any security application installed on a website without being detected. To achieve that goal MadTek designed the system to use an external server to capture a website’s file change history and store the data on a remote site inaccessible to the hacker.

No website is 100% secure. During a compromise a hacker may delete or alter security applications. But a hacker cannot alter the website change history. The website’s next scan will reveal any changes. MadTek’s mission is to offer this level of intrusion detection to PHP-based website owners and operators.